Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funniest Easter Candy Post EVAH!!!

Go on... take a look at delightfully devious Anne Nahm's latest post (not work appropriate)... I dare you not to laugh

Cootie shot

We definitely could use some cootie shots over here.... or at least a cootie catcher...

Sorry for the no blogging, but we have been S-I-C-K over here....First K got in a car accident and got a nasty concussion. He wasn't driving, a co-worker was, but still...I think I'm going to make him wear a bubble-wrap suit like in Dude, Where's My Car (Zoltan!). After spending a week waking him up every 2 hrs and staring at him in between, I was beat. Then M got sick again with a pseudo-flu, got better for a couple of days, and then has been sick all this past week. I got tonsilitis last Sat (WHO gets tonsilitis as a grown-up?!), had an allergic reaction to the first antibiotic Dr. Nice gave me, and then spent the rest of the week slowly getting better on another antibiotic (while of course taking care of M and doing everything in the house...bitter, party of one). So, boring, boring, nothing to blog about...

Future doctah?