Sunday, January 13, 2008

Since all the cool kids are doing it...

Welcome to my lame attempt to fit in with the A crowd... Since I'm an avid blog reader who is increasingly thinking in blog posts, I decided to just start one. I have a feeling that this is going to turn out as badly as my middle school fashion attempts (what? No one else thought green glitter eyeshadow was a good idea?) but, what the hell...

So, here is the pertinent cast of characters in my life:

- My husband, K - the murse...Think Ricky Schroder as Paul Flowers on Scrubs, but cooler and looking more like Fred Flinstone

- my 21 month old daughter, M - a highly entertaining spitfire

- my sister, Jennifer (check out:

- my mother, Mom, who is married to JB

- my father, Dad, who is married to Mimi

- my two younger sisters, MarP (14) and AB (11)

- my primary care physician, Dr. Nice

- my reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Twitchy

M was born in March 2006, after 4 previous pregnancies ended in miscarriage... It was a rough pregnancy, to say the least: Hyperemesis gravadarium, preeclampsia, induction at 37 weeks (that, at least, was ok), post-partum staph infection, and then the little ingrate wouldn't latch... I ended up exclusively pumping for 14.5 months... Yeah, it sucked even more than you think. BUT, I was blessed with a child with a sunny personality and a husband who is super supportive, making all that pumping possible.

Public Service Announcement: Anyone who is searching the internet frantically for exclusive pumping info, please email me - I've got lots of advice just percolating under the surface, looking for an outlet.

Now, I'm trying to lose weight - each of my 5 pregnancies added about 5 lbs as a parting gift - with the hope of getting pregnant again this summer and making it through without losing the pregnancy, puking my guts up, or a BP of 140/90...


Jennifer said...

I don't like that my only description is to "check out" my blog. I would like a witty introduction please!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

ok...time for a new slacker!!