Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nurse, shmurse

So, it is all pink princesses and purple fairies at our house right now, which half-amuses me, half makes me cringe. M loves dressing up, and lately she has been trying on all sorts of identities. She and I were feeling under the weather yesterday, so I left work early and picked her up and took her home to chill out and watch D!sney movies. We were watching the Sword and the Stone, and we started talking about what she would be when she grew up... At first she said princess - good luck with that, kid - then nature fairy, then water fairy (we've been watching alot of Tinkerbell), then doctor. I asked if she would want to be a firefighter - she said no, too scary. I asked if she would want to be a nurse, and she goes, "eww, that's a boy job!"

Score one for non-traditional gender role models!

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SaraRow said...

Heee! She's such a little smarty :) My neighbor's kid, whose dad is a pre-K teacher and does most of the housework, cooking, etc., saw me in the kitchen one day and asked why I was doing Jarrett's job. Love it!