Thursday, March 18, 2010

Invitation to the Butterfly Ball

M's 4th birthday is not until next Tuesday, but because of schedules and availability, we had to have her party a little early... For months I'd been asking her what kind of party she would like, and every time she responded, "Butterfly party!" The local science museum is great for little kids and has a really impressive butterfly house, so we rented a room (the Kid Lab - it was cool!) and had a butterfly party complete with wings, antennae, and butterfly cupcakes. M had an absolute blast - she partied and then zoomed around the outside part of the museum with her friends. Here are some pics:

M and her best friend H compare antennae

Blowing out the candles

Cousin A eating a cupcake - he was a cupcake-eating machine!

Close-up of cupcakes... They turned out really well, if I say so myself :)

Happy girl!

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Jennifer :) said...

Looks like it was fun!!!!! I wish we were closer :(